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Pioneer Ministry

This was our response to the challenging need we saw in many places as our teams shared the gospel and people responded in obedience to the Lord.  Our evangelists discovered that in a number of places the new believers had no place or no one to go to for further help in discipleship, fellowship and counsel.  We responded in faith by sending evangelists who would go to areas which had no gospel witness of any kind and work for the transformation of that community. 

In 1990, the first team of Pioneer evangelists was sent to Haryana, to a town with a population of over 30,000 and which had no gospel witness.  From that day we have continued to send evangelists to various needy areas.  Today, PTL India has over 50 pioneer stations in 6 states of the country and across the border.  Each of these stations is impacting an average of 15-20 villages / small towns.  The transformation that has come about through the power of the gospel is very evident in all these stations, affecting every aspect of human life.

The evangelists in various areas meet together monthly for prayer, fellowship and for planning.  Believers in an area meet together once in three months for combined worship, fellowship and for mutual encouragement.  It is a matter of praise to God that some of the ministries in these fields are the first fruits from the fields.  Each of the local congregations is called “Christian Assembly” with the prefix of the name of the town or village.