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» Institute of Mission Studies (IMS)

Institute of Mission Studies (IMS)

Apart from the practical training, the teams also had selected training programmes for the members while on outreach. However there still was a need for in-depth, systematic training for members who had been on longer commitments with the teams. Thus the training department was added to the ministry which consisted of “Evangelism”, “Scripture Distribution” and “Discipleship Training”.

In the first class we had 12 students, each of whom were team leaders and had the desire to continue in the ministry. The first year’s training comprised of 3 months class room learning and 9 months of field training in a year. As the years went by, a fully pledged, well balance and academically appropriate training programme evolved.

Today, Institute of Mission studies is affiliated to the senate of IIM and is running one, two and three years of certificate , Diploma and Bachelors’ courses respectively. The courses offered at IMS are designed and accomplished in the setting of a growing, vibrant, local fellowship, where the students are integrated to the cell structure o the church and have the opportunity to put in to practice what they learn in the class rooms on a day-to-day basis. In the last 16 years 178 men and women graduated from the IMS and are serving the Lord in their own country.