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Christian Schools

Major challenges faced by the pioneer evangelists forced us to consider starting Christian Schools in rural and undeveloped areas. 

They discovered that the level of illiteracy was very high and there were many children who had never been to school (There were three reasons: first there were no schools in most of the places; second it was very far to travel and third many of the parents would rather have their young children join them in farming or other chores than go to school).  PTL workers also saw the backwardness of many of these undeveloped areas which did not even have basic amenities.  We were convinced that the only way to bring about change in the community was to bring basic education right into their situation.

The story of the schools is one of joy and constant struggles.  We have a total of over 1000 students in the four schools, and each school has made its mark in the community even though we are under constant pressure from various sources.  While there is a great need and demand for quality education in the areas where we are concentrating, it is a constant challenge to motivate the parents to pay the fees (even though it is very nominal amount).  Not having facilities of our own stands as a major challenge in any plans of growth and expansion for three of the schools.  Finding qualified teachers who are willing to work in remote areas for a lower salary is a herculean task indeed.  Another challenging factor is the constant representation against the schools by those with vested interests.  At the same time we rejoice that the schools have opened doors in all the areas for the presentation of the gospel.

We are praying for a school building in Sampurna Nagar and for a piece of land in Khuttar as soon as possible.  After a year of waiting and constant follow-up, the land in Sapurna Nagar was converted from agricultural to commercial use.

We rejoice in the transformation of communities that has come about as a result of education and getting to know the Lord Jesus.