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Vision 2025

Trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of the harvest, we, the Pocket Testament League India, commit ourselves to continue to walk in obedience to His command to ‘Go into all the nations and make disciples’ until there is a living witness within the hearing distance of every man and woman living in the subcontinent of India and to regions beyond.

We are thankful to the Lord for bringing us thus far and pledge ourselves to continue-

  • Training men and women for the mission,
  • Send them into the unreached regions within India and beyond,
  • Continue to plant self-governing, self-supporting and multiplying churches in all such areas without a Christian witness.
  • To invest ourselves in people who are willing to lay their lives at stake for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We pledge to strategically invest ourselves, position ourselves and labour till the world without Christ hears the love of the cross.

  1. Four grass root level training centers:- in Haryana-Punjab, U.P-Nepal, Assam-North east and Tamil Nadu-South India, giving opportunity to young men and women with a desire to serve the Lord.
  2. Continue the on-going training with academic excellence in NCR Delhi, giving opportunity to any/all who are committed to get excellent training in missions and church planting.
  3. One church (strategically positioned to reach, impact, influence and change) the in every 671 districts of India.
  4. One church (strategically positioned to reach, impact, influence and change) in every metropolitan city in India.
  5. One church in every 63 cities of India with a population of one million or more.
  6. Sending out minimum of ten missionaries to regions beyond India.
  7. Seeing self-governing, self- supporting and multiplying mission minded churches planted in all the mission fields.
  8. Releasing the churches to do the work of missions as per the vision they receive from the Lord.
  9. Continue to start and run self-governing, self-supporting Christian schools in areas with limited access to education.
  10. We are convinced that this is a vision too big for any individual, ministry and network. Hence, we intentionally position ourselves to align, partner and serve together with likeminded individuals, ministries, churches and missions.
  11. We are convinced that this is a vision beyond a generation and would like to invest in the lives of new generation, our own children (boys and girls), youth from our network of churches and others with who we enter into a covenantal relationship for the glory of the Lord.
  12. Everything – to the ultimate Glory of God the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Until there is a living witness, within the hearing distance of every man and woman living in our generation.

The Pocket Testament League India
Transforming the Destiny of Nations

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